For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. The questions are grouped by these categories, Service Information and Technical Solutions.

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Service Information

Q: What is AcelaNet’s Fair Access Policy (FAP) ?

A: Fair Access Policy

Q: What is AcelaNet’s Service Privacy Policy (SPP) ?

A: Service Privacy Policy

Q: What is AcelaNet’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) ?

A: Acceptable Use Policy

Q: What is the speed and price changes for 2016 ?

A: Important Service Change for April 1st 2016

Q: What is the basic information of Acelanet services?

A: Service Request Response Letter

Q: What is AcelaNet’s Two Year Service Contract?

A: Our Two Year Service Contract gives a $5.00 a month discount. Terms of Service -Two Year Contract.

Q: What is AcelaNet’s Standard Month-to-Month Contract?

A: Terms of Service – Month-to-Month Contract

Q: What is AcelaNet’s Website Acceptable Use Policy?

A: Website Terms of Use

Q: How do I use Outlook?

A: Ports to use for Outlook

Technical Solutions

Q: I reset my router to factory, what do I do now?

A: AcelaNet security policy requires all routers to be password protected by our technical staff. If you have reset your router, you have a choice of bringing it into the SCS Broadband office for a free reprogramming, or you can opt to have an onsite by one of our field technicians. Our standard onsite fee will be charged. Call our office to setup an appointment.