Standard Service Plans

New LTE Service Plans*


Installation includes a guarantee on all outside equipment including radio and wiring. All parts and labor are included for life of service. There is NO equipment lease, nor do you have to purchase any of the outside equipment. Indoor router not included. Above pricing is fixed for a Two Year contract. You may opt for a Month-to-Month Contract at $5.00 more a month for each Home Plan. Business Plans are only Two Year contract.

Installation is $198 for all Home Plans, and $298 for Business Plans I-II, $398 for Business Plan III. All installation costs include guarantee on all SCS equipment outside of premise.

There are no data caps for any of our plans, but please be aware of our Fair Access Policy.

*Download speeds stated are an average given as a minimum and maximum range. SCS strives to provide the maximum speed of each plan.

All business plans have 24/7 voice support and free onsite calls.

All home plans have 8 AM to 5 PM live support Monday through Friday. All of the network is monitored 24/7.

Dedicated Business Plans are services where additional equipment is deployed to give a direct, unshared path to our fiber connection points.

The Installation Fee includes:

  • NO-Lease Wireless Radio and Antenna
  • Basic mounting hardware
  • Lightning surge protection
  • Up to 30 feet of shielded CAT5e cable
  • Pole and mount hardware if required
  • Installation Labor (hardware mounting, cable run, etc.)
  • Programming of broadband router
  • Basic usage training

Optional Equipment:

Wireless Router
We provide two routers, the AirRouter ($65.00) and the AirRouter HP ($99.00).
Surge Protector
Keep your equipment safe! ($15.00)
Mounting Hardware
Based on application.
Extra Cable
$1.00 per foot.
Yard Mounting Pole
Assessed on site (per foot).

Installation Policy

SCS does not charge a disconnect fee for Month-to-Month Contract service. There is a $200 early disconnection fee on Two Year Contracts. There is a no refunds on installation charges. That installation covers most of the labor and non-returnable parts, such as wiring and socket drops. All outside equipment, including poles, surges, radios and antennas belong to SCS, and SCS is responsible for replacing such equipment in any failure, including lightning. The customer buys the required router at installation as SCS can not verify that routers are surge protected and cannot be responsible for such equipment.

Wireless networks can become negatively effected by several environmental changes. These include, but not limited to, portable phones, baby monitors, wireless devices such as head phones and speaker systems, and foliage growth. SCS is responsible for trying to resolve foliage growth issues at no charge up to 90 days after installation. We will do our best effort to resolve other environmental interference, but may charge a nominal fee when the interference is caused by a customer’s new device.

There is no charge for collecting equipment when there is a disconnect requested. The customer is responsible for the cost of the equipment if the equipment is not returned in working condition.


*LTE service available in select areas.