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Support For Clay Stewart

Good day All,

Subject: SCS Broadband located 604 Thomas Nelson Hwy Arrington , VA 22922

I wanted to make you aware of my dealings and support for SCS Broadband and Clay Stewart. Since our business present in Nelson County. I have attempted to deal locally with any service or supplier for the companies needs . Clay has provided a quality dependable high speed internet service to our business and our rental houses. This is a service none of the big companies” has seen important enough to provide Nelson County. This is an important service that is crucial to our operations and I feel to this region.

SCS Broadband successfully built an awesome high speed infrastructure throughout the counties to deliver the web to his customers. His company has brought to this community a valuable service and much needed jobs to this wonderful commonwealth of Virginia. They have our full support in any venture they want to pursue and I intend to continue doing business with Clay and his company.


Joshua L Bond

The Turman Group

Support for SCS Broadband

Dear Supervisor Carter and Supervisor Hale,

I am writing to you to let you know how much we appreciate the service SCS Broadband (SCS) is providing to our community. We operate several nonprofits, publications and various other services and were very frustrated with the lack of high speed internet available in our area.

We have had the options of dial-up, Verizon (with no data towers nearby) or satellite (which has been slow, limited and unreliable in our area). We learned about SCS and Mr. Clay Stewart was kind enough to get us equipped with the high speed service his company offers. This has been a tremendous boon to both our residential and business community. We simply don’t know how we could do what we do without SCS’s service.

I just wanted to let you know how very pleased and grateful we are to have this alternative, that comes to us from equipment in Nelson County, that provides us with reliable, low-cost, high speed service and we all hope you will support SCS’s efforts to provide these services to such under-served areas such as ours in this area of Buckingham County.

Thanking you in advance for your support of SCS and our community. Sincerely,

Rev. Prem Anjali

Buckingham, VA 23921

George and Maggie Sherman        Amherst, VA 24521

SCS Broadband

604 Thomas Nelson Highway Arrington, VA 22922


My family and I have enjoyed SCS Broadband Internet for almost two years, and I am writing to say we appreciate the reliable, high-speed connection you provide to our rural home. Your service has benefited us in many ways.

I worked in Richmond for over a year, and SCS made working from home practical. Two of our children completed associate degrees-including online classes-using SCS; both now use SCS as they work on 4-year degrees. My wife uses SCS to supplement home school curriculum for our youngest child. Our entire family enjoys the streaming movies and online news SCS makes possible.

Thank you for the great Internet connection, the skilled and friendly service, the excellent value. I heartily recommend your service to those in our region seeking an affordable, high-quality broadband Internet connection.


George Sherman

To whom it may concern,

I have been very pleased with the product and service that Stewart computer services has provided to me since they began supplying high speed internet services to my residence in Arrington , Virginia several years ago.

I started using the internet in the mid 1990s using dial up from Prodigy. In the late 1990s I wanted something faster, so I contacted the telephone company to get DSL. The sales person was happy to sign me up, but the engineer called back the next Monday to say that I was too far from the central office to receive the product. I then approached a satellite company who installed their system at my Arrington , Virginia house for about $1000.00. They said I could now abandon my dial up …not so since they failed to inform me that their system goes down in bad weather thus requiring a backup. They also failed to say that if I had any repair needs, it would take them up to 4 weeks to resolve my problem including talking to someone in India whom I couldnt understand .

Because of these experiences , I now know what good service means, and what type of service I want.

I want high speed internet browsing and download, good signal reliability, and reasonably fast repair . SCS Broadband gives me all three. Their speed is many times faster than one can get from a national cable company in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, as I have gleefully pointed out to my North Carolina friends. Since the SCS signal is land based, (i.e. not satellite dependent) it is available even in bad weather, whereas the satellite system is down. Their response to problems (not very many so far) has been almost immediate even after hours . On one occasion I had service restored within 5 minutes of my call and another time in 30 minutes, far better than my experience with both the national cable company in North Carolina and the national satellite company serving me in Arrington, Virginia.

I would recommend SCS Broadband to anyone they would serve.

David A. James

Arrington , VA